Regents International School Residency 05/06. A week long project for the English Department to coincide with English Week. Whilst acknowledging the benefits of a universal language for learning I also wanted to use the school wide event as an opportunity to examine and celebrate the diversity of language spoken across the school. I invited all members of the school community to submit a favourite word in any language along with it’s English translation. These words formed the basis for two interventions around the school building during English Week alongside the production of a book documenting all the contributed words. The first artwork took the form of paper boxes featuring cut outs of some of the contributed words and translations. These were placed on the dinning tables during the lunch period with the intention that they would act as a catalysts for conversation during the sociable lunch period. The second intervention was made in recognition of the most frequently contributed word, LOVE. The romantic nature of the school community deserved to be recognised and so I created a pair of rainbows from all the different translations in two archways along an exterior corridor. Passers by were invited to have their photographs taken and these were then published in the school magazine. For further information see: Regents International School Residency