I will be presenting new work from the Kirkcaldy Patterns series at Collect 2022 with Cavaliero Finn at Somerset House, 24th – 27th February 2022

Join me with Cavaliero Finn at 4 pm on Sunday 27th February for an informal talk and Q&A about the work.

“Frances discusses her latest work presented by Cavaliero Finn from the Kirkcaldy Patterns series. These pieces follow on from a commission the artist created for the Edinburgh Haematology Centre in 2021.  Frances sheds light on her studies of the industrial heritage of the Firth of Forth and the intriguing collections of Fife Museums in Scotland where she discovered a treasure trove of pattern books relating to the prolific heritage of Kirkcaldy, once renowned for its linoleum and ceramics industry. Based on this research Frances created this new collection of vase forms that depict patterns and motifs extracted from the linoleum pattern books.  Each surface begins as a complete pattern that gradually disintegrates into its component motifs.  Frances examines how this disintegration, or unpinning, of the pattern structure alludes to the mutable nature of decorative motifs and raises questions about the origins of the designs.”

For details on available work visit Cavaliero Finn

For tickets visit Crafts Councill UK

Photography by Shannon Tofts