Patterns of Flora | Mapping Seven Raasay Habitats

An Atlas Arts Commission by Frances Priest in Collaboration with botanist Stephen Bungard

Launch Weekend 5th – 7th June at Raasay House on the Isle of Raasay

Patterns of Flora | Mapping Seven Raasay Habitats is an ATLAS Arts commission by Frances Priest in collaboration with botanist Stephen Bungard. Celebrating the diverse plant life of Raasay this project explores seven different plant habitats; Bog, Coast, Moor, Freshwater Loch, Mountain, Limestone, Woodland. A collection of bespoke ceramics including door handles, door plates and tiles, illustrating the seven habitats, have been permanently sited within the public areas of Raasay House. Relating to these works a map of illustrated botanical walks across Raasay has been produced. The ceramic work is a gift to Raasay community and will be on permanent display with the illustrated map made widely available across the Isle of Skye, at Raasay House and through ATLAS arts. Contained within Raasay House library is a shelf of botanical books for guests to borrow and use. Donations to this collection of books are welcome and can be made through ATLAS Arts.

To accompany this work two new ATLAS Editions have been commissioned, an edition of 150 parian vases and an edition of 300 colouring books, all featuring the seven botanical designs. These are available to purchase through ATLAS Arts.

To mark the completion of this project ATLAS Arts have curated a weekend of botanically related activities beginning on Friday 5th June with a talk by Sir John Lister-Kaye, launching his latest book ‘Gods of The Morning’. On Saturday 6th June activities continue with botanical walks led by Stephen Bungard, a Haiku poetry workshop led by Ken Coburn, Kayaking around the island of Raasay led by Raasay House, Cyanotype workshops, regular tours of the Patterns of Flora commission and Raasay House and an evening BBQ. All are welcome but booking is advisable to avoid disappointment. Contact ATLAS Arts for a full programme and to make reservations.

Installation Photography by Ruth Clark

Studio Photography by Shannon Tofts

Graphic design by Andy McGregor


Talking Heads: Frances Priest [Artist / Designer] from Creative Edinburgh on Vimeo.