A Craftscotland project in partnership with the National Museums of Scotland, curated by Rose Watban. Meet Your Maker at NMS was an exhibition, event and workshop programme featuring work by 9 makers from across Scotland. For the exhibition I produced an expanded version of Gifts & Occupations, a piece of work first presented in the exhibition Objects of touch & travel… The new work comprised 88 ceramic forms presented on open display as a handling collection. Audiences were invited to interact with the work, making new arrangements, compositions and repeat patterns with the objects. In addition to the exhibited work a further set of 11 objects were housed in a portable carry case and taken to handling workshops in venues outside the museum including: North Edinburgh Arts Centre, St Johns Hospital and Abby Hill Primary School. A new version of the exhibition will be presented in association with Timespan in Helmsdale curated by Panel. Craftscotland have made a short film about the making of Gifts & Occupations which you can find at Meet Your Maker and I have made a short film about one of the places I visited with the portable carry case.

Photography: Stephen Mcgarry