Home Faber – Best of Europe

13th September – 30th September 2018

I will be exhibiting Gathering Places | Grammar of Ornament РIndia ii at Homo Faber РBest of Europe in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, 13th September Р30th September 2018.

“Homo Faber is an inspiring exhibition of European craftsmanship, an international cultural event to showcase fine contemporary, traditional and rare craftsmanship and its link to the world of creativity and design. Encounter master artisans and discover their multifaceted know-how through live demonstrations as well as the latest virtual reality technology. Listen to new ideas and expert voices throughout the program of Creativity and Craftsmanship Conferences. From breathtaking jewellery to bespoke bicycles, from fascinating skills on the brink of disappearing to some of the most sought after icons associated with European style, Homo Faber covers a wide range of materials and disciplines and celebrates the human spirit and talent of the creators.”

“Curated by Jean Blanchaert, Homo Faber – Best of Europe will reveal the rich artisanal heritage that inspires contemporary European craftsmanship in this fascinating showcase of hundreds of objects made by over 150 artist-artisans working across the continent today. Wonderfully displayed in an exhibit designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri, each object has been conceived and made by a single creative talent who draws on the traditional techniques and materials of their homeland to create contemporary works. Together, these fascinating objects paint a picture of Europe, reflecting the rich culture, history, landscape, knowledge and skills that make up this diverse continent.”


Homo Faber is presented by The Michael Angelo Foundation


Livia Grandi